BATO Group Real Estate Investments GmbH provides highly customized real estate investment solutions to institutions, corporations and individuals around the world. We meet our clients’ goals through meticulous market analysis, risk assessment and portfolio diversification of niche assets and development prospects.

It is thanks to our internal corporate resources that we have always been able to guarantee a secure and steady rise in the profitability of the investments, thus making our firm one of the most active and fast growing participants in the Berlin real estate market. Through skillful strategic asset management and property development, we have steadily increased the market value of our clients’ portfolios, therefore providing them with the best possible return on investment.

Our first step is to understand the goals, the strategy and the investment criteria of our clients. We then seek out the right property by checking the current market availability through different broker agencies, auction failures or direct vendors. Thanks to our experienced team we can offer a flawless acquisition process at guaranteed best conditions. After an acquisition, we take care of the administration and asset management of the property until its final disposition (in the form of a condominium, building or stock sale). Moreover, every investment is “tailor-made” according to the investor’s unique criteria.

Last but not least, we are committed to providing our clients with regular reporting and giving them 24/7 access to all the necessary information via a secured space on our website.  These practices give our clients a sense of full control over their property by creating the “as if they were here” feeling.

  • Asset Management

    BATO Group Asset Management Services offer daily monitoring and maintenance of each individual client’s asset throughout its lifecycle; thus guaranteeing the best performance and return on investment. From leasing and repositioning to strategic management and improvement of properties, our expert asset management team strives to add value at every stage of the project development, which leads to the optimization of the property’s potential.

    Our prime objective in this asset management process is to deliver a low-risk strategic approach to investments by a careful selection and construction of diversified portfolios, thereby always taking into consideration the needed improvements in order to increase the rental income and reduce the running costs.

  • Project Management and Development
  • Company Management