Code Of Conduct

Choose responsibly

Finding the best possible real estate asset for our clients is our uttermost goal. Before a project takes off, our experts identify our client’s unique investment criteria and goals. Based on these, we prepare a list of matching properties from proven brokers/reliable owners thus guaranteeing a secure first step towards the acquisition process.


Build value

Acting for the benefit of our clients is BATO Group’s primary objective. We help each client and partner by solving complex investment problems. We strive to enhance their opportunity to build value, reduce risk and improve performance through innovative real estate solutions.


Improve transparency

Transparency and disclosure are key issues in investing. Clear information flow for our foreign and local investors helps build both confidence and strength in the business relation. Outsourcing services gives our clients the best offer on the market. Enabling efficient and transparent information flow from the property level up through the real estate investment chain creates an “as if they were here” feeling.


Act ethically

We always conduct our business according to the established professional standards, laws, regulations and internal policies by using skill, competence and diligence in all our actions.