In this section you can find description of various properties from BATO Group Real Estate Investments GmbH Asset Management portfolio in Berlin. They were all individually selected and managed according to the unique investment criteria of our clients.

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Alexandrinenstraße 4, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Alexandrinenstraße 4, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Type: Building
Purpose: Mixed-use
Location: Berlin-Kreuzberg
Total size: 1.460,00 sqm
Year of construction: 1897
Acquired: 2011

This unit is located in Alexandrinenstraße which is positioned between Kreuzberg and Mitte, in the area called „Südliche Friedrichstadt“(southern Friedrichstadt). This district encompasses the space between Mehringplatz, Wilhelmstraße, Kochstraße and Alte Jakobstraße (including the southern part of the central Friedrichstraße). The quarter has transitioned from a traditional newspaper district to a modern media and art quarter. The property consists of a front building, a side wing and a rear building constructed in 1897. The breakdown is as follows: 8 apartments, 8 commercial units and a 20m² depot unit.



Refurbishment costs: - €