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Hüttenroder Weg 18, Berlin-Neukölln

Hüttenroder Weg 18, Berlin-Neukölln

Type: Building
Purpose: Residential
Location: Berlin-Neukölln
Total size: 1.047,00 qm
Year of construction: 1992
Acquired: 2013

The property was built in 1992 and consists of 7 floors, a basement, 1 staircase and 13 residential units. There is an elevator with a capacity of 8 people which goes from the ground floor to the attic. The property has a centralized gas heating and hot water supply. All units have balconies facing southwest and oriels facing the street side. There are 7 parking lots in the courtyard which can be used by the tenants free of charge. The access to the courtyard is secured by a lockable gate. The property is situated in the neighbourhood of Neukölln, on the border with Alt-Treptow, only 15min by foot from the Treptower Park.

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